Tapelamp is included in the list of the best recruiting agencies. We are the best talent recruiter and provider of advanced HR technologies.

We offer Direct-Hire, Contract-To-Hire, Temporary, and Embedded Teams services to businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and emerging startups worldwide.

We have experience, skills, specialists and HR technologies that will suit any client.

Mission of Tapelamp

Tapelamp's mission is to be a global partner in recruitment and resource management, providing our clients with outstanding HR solutions and helping professionals find better employment opportunities.

Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Candidate sourcing and selection for various positions
Evaluation of candidate skills and qualifications
Interviews and candidate testing
Reference checks
Design and implementation of assessment centers
Executive and senior-level recruitment
International talent search and recruitment
Global search for highly qualified specialists
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

HR administration and personnel management
Employee assessment and development
Employment and legal consulting
Development and implementation of HR policies and procedures
Strategic human resource planning and management
Assessment and development of organizational culture
Employee training and development
Change management within the organization
Temporary and Contract Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services

Provision of temporary staff to cover temporary workloads
Management and administration of temporary employees
Contract hiring for specific projects
Outsourcing of specific functions
Development of strategies for temporary and contract staff utilization
Legal compliance and regulatory consulting
Performance assessment of temporary and contract staff
Support in resolving labor disputes

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